Kaylie Porcello

Purpose Statement

Through my work, I strive to express myself creatively and connect with my audience on an emotional level. I believe that authenticity and confidence are the two main attributes that will successfully guide me in my career and allow me to satisfy my future company. I showcase these traits through my writing, photography, film, graphic design, and social media content. Feel free to explore this page of all my work so far!


Color photo. Subject is centered, and is in the air as he completes a skateboarding trick. While in the air, he casts a shadow of his body and skateboard on the ground below him. He is wearing a black t-shirt, gray pants, and white sneakers and has short, light brown hair. He is in a parking lot surrounded by parked cars, big white buildings, and green trees. The sky is clear and blue.
Color photo. S
Color photo.